Community Fridge

Our Community Fridge is a welcoming space that re-distributes free, surplus food from local businesses and residents that would otherwise go to waste. Pop down to take, donate or share food with the neighbourhood.

PAUSED Thursday and Friday 10am-1pm

Donating food: Whether you’re a local business, market trader, or have leftover food in your own pantry, we welcome food donations from everyone!

A few things to keep in mind: 

- Check that any donated food is good for at least another 24 hours

- Ensure it’s within its use by date 

- We can’t accept cooked food unless you are a registered food business with a hygiene rating of 4 or above

- Any chilled items need to be transported to us promptly to make sure it's within a safe temperature range

There are certain items we can’t accept due to food safety purposes, so please read the following donation criteria before dropping food off:

Volunteering: We’re always looking to create new surplus relationships with people and places in the community. If you know of anyone who could donate leftover food to our fridge, we want to hear! You can also volunteer your time to collect surplus, host and help local residents use the Fridge, or suggest activities you’d like to run alongside the fridge (e.g. social meetups, recipe sharing).

Financial donations: Make your donation to the WLR here.